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Adobe Photoshop Training Course for Beginners Now Available

By popular demand, I am now offering a beginner's training course on Adobe Photoshop. It will be a 90 minute One-On-On phone session between myself and the student. During the course, we will cover the following:

I. General Overview of the Tool Bar and Menus (15 min)

II. How to start a new file for print versus for web, RGB/CMYK (5 min)

III. Adding Text to Images, properties, etc. (5 min)

IV. Adjusting Hues and Saturation of Images and Objects (10 min)

V. Selection Tools - Lasso & Magic Wand (5 min)

VI. Shape Tools - Objects and Gradients (5 min)

VII. Clone Tool, Eraser Tool (5 min)

VIII. Publishing Your New Image - (PDF, Tiff, Gif, Png & JPG) (10 min)

IX. Exercise - Edit an Image with new skills walk through. (15 min)

X. Final Review with Q&A (15 min)


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