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Is Your Website Legal??

If you can't answer yes without thinking about it, then you must read on...

ADA Compliance is the requirement under U.S. Federal law that when a business deals with the public, they do so on a level playing field for those with disabilities like color blindness, total/partial blindness and loss of hearing or being deaf.

I'm not a lawyer, so I cannot advise you on what the laws are at the Federal, State or Local levels. The one thing I can tell you however is that everyone deserves to use the Internet as equally as possible, and that includes your website too.

Learn more about: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 here:

Having your website be ADA Compliant might not be necessary based on the laws in your area, (consult an attorney) but it is always the right thing to do. When screen readers can't properly assist users in reading a website, not only is the experience difficult, many times it is downright impossible.

ADA Compliance Lawsuits are on the rise....

Here is an interesting article from the LA Times that will help you understand more:


Yes, it is true that many of the lawsuits are targeted at larger companies or entities. Here is an article on 10 of the biggest cases out there:

Don't think this can't happen to you though. Recent I met a new client, a restaurant in California. I found them because they were being sued and needed help with their WIX Website! They had already shelled out $5k for an attorney, another $5k for an ADA Compliance Certification company and now an additional cost to have me go through and make the recommended changes to the website. This small business owner has spent over $10,000 on this issue already, and they haven't even seen the courtroom yet. A judgement in favor of the plaintiff could cost him everything... And... he had to gut his entire website. Major changes, loss of content, contact form and more...

I put together this post today not to scare you, but to inform you....

WIX Websites are inherently NOT ADA Compliant.

To fix a WIX website and make it fully compliant could be a nightmare. Some elements like contact forms do not meet the standards as is, and need deep changes to become compliant. Other things like page structure are almost always out of whack unless you have had someone like me come in and fix your H- Tags.

Because of this, I have been doing extensive research, and I have found a good solid solution that is far easier than trying to make everything on your site perfect. Also, you have to have a plan of following up regularly to make sure you meet all Federal, state and local law changes. This can be time consuming, costly and RISKY!

Here is the best and most affordable solution I have found:

For one flat fee every year, this software will provide an easy to use portal for those with disabilities to change your website as needed in real time. This widget if you will, appears as a handicap icon in the bottom right corner of a website. Once that icon is chosen, the user can alter everything to ensure full usability and most importantly #ADA #COMPLIANCE! See how it works here on my website:

(If you sign up for this service through this link above, I will install your widget code into your WIX website for a flat fee of $50.)

#adacompliance for your website is easy with the right tool.

Don't have a WIX Website? You should still check your website for compliance... This widget tool will protect you as well. (Hint - most websites have something wrong...)

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