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Why Do My Page URLs Look Crazy, and How Do I Fix It?

If the page URLs on your WIX Website look crazy, there is an easy way to fix it. This is an important part of not only your website's presentation, but also your SEO. When page URLs don't look right, Google and other search engines don't like to tell people about you. It goes to the overall quality score given to your site, and can seriously affect your organic traffic.

Here is an example of a bad url on a page:

As you can see, this page was duplicated, and the SEO area was never addressed to reflect the new content.

There is a quick and easy way to fix this in your WIX Editor.

First, open your Editor and get the site menu open. You go to the top icon on the left hand side:

Next, you click on the top icon opening up the Site Menu below.

Then you click the three little dots on the right side next to the page you want to correct.

Once this menu opens, you can correct all your page title, descriptions, and if you scroll down below, you will see where you can correct the page urls.

Try to make sure you use or Google Trends to help you decide on good long tail keywords to use as your URL. Hint (Check the difference between the title of this post, and the URL ending of the page... They don't always have to match perfectly...)

Okay, once you have changed the page URL to something more appropriate, make sure you click in the white area just above to "set" the new changes. Also, don't forget to PUBLISH the new changes. Make sure you take care of this before sharing out to any social media pages. Once these changes are made, those old URLs will go dead.

Okay, I hope this helps answer the question of how do I #change my #URLs?


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