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Build Strong Organic SEO for Your Website

Do you have a website, but still have minimal traffic? Are you posting on Facebook every day, but still can't see to get new users to your website? Has Instagram been an Insta-flop? The struggle is real, and you are not alone. Being found on the Internet is tough, and requires some strong organic SEO if you don't wan't to get lost in the crowd.

First, let's establish what is seo, and how it benefits a website owner.

When a computer user searches for terms on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo or other, the system uses what is called an "algorithm" to try to determine the best possible answer to the users search query. Each of these search platforms have already, and continuously send out what are called "search spiders" that "crawl" your website, review and catalog your content, and then store that information for quick access when a search query is made. If your content most closely matches that search query, then you have made your first step to being seen on the first page of results, instead of being lost in the nether.

Organic SEO comes in many forms, and it helps the website owner reach potential new customers without having to "Pay Per Click." The PPC system used by Google and other large platforms can be effective in finding new customers, but it can also be very costly with catastrophic results if not done properly.

The most used platform for search Query's is Google. YouTube and Amazon round out the top three. If you want to be seen, you have your best chances on these platforms, but don't discount the other platforms like Ask, Duck Duck Go, and Bing. Millions of queries are submitted each day, and your organic SEO will help you connect with those users as easily as those on Google.

The foundation of good organic SEO comes from the body of your text attached to your website. So your home page descriptions, about us, services, etc- they all play a very vital role in helping people find you without having to pay. "Content is King." The more pertinent the information on your pages is to the search query, the higher you will rank on that search display. Being ranked #1 for a search term is not good enough however. You want to rank 3 or more times in that top 10 to ensure you don't get lost in the mix.

First Place Ribbon
First place can be lonely if it is your only ranked post on the page

Ranking once in the top ten search queries is hard enough, but to reach 3 you really have to do some leg work. You have to be consistent, and relevant.

The best way to do this is to use not only a blog... but several blogs, and most importantly, use those blogs correctly.

Search engines like new fresh content. When they provide an answer to a query, they want to provide the most current and relevant information possible to their users. The better they do at providing the correct answers, the more often users will turn to their search engine.

By using blogs correctly, you can generate new fresh content that is relevant, and by using a little bit of forethought and strategy, you can be seen quicker and more often than other website's posts that are similar in nature. So, how does all this work anyways?

First, you need to know what people are actually looking for. There are tools you can use like that allow you to see the search volume traffic of certain keyword groups. These are actual queries monthly by actual people searching. What is the best way to get hit by a bus? Stand right in front of it...

How do you stand right in front of your customers using organic SEO?

Simple. Find out what they are looking for, and then build those terms into your posts. Make sure you don't use too many terms in one post. Save terms for more posts. Build your cast net far and wide. Make posts 2-3 times per week on each platform. Besides your WIX website blog, you can use others like and Google Blogger.

Now, there is one last thing. There is a little bonus action you can do when building organic SEO. Not only can you make your content King, you can use the post settings tool inside your WIX blog to change the actual URL of your post. Now instead of; your post name changes to Why? Well, we know that there are over 33,000 searches a month for "patent search" but none on this list for "sell my invention." So, keep your title "Top 10 Ways... " and change your url to "/patent-search."

Take a look at the URL you are on now. It should read The post title is different however. Use your post title to hook blog reader and general users, but use your url extensions to stand out in search queries. Here is an example of why I chose this url extension for this blog post...

For more information, or training on how to use organic SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising and more, please visit my website at: to sign up for classes. Also, please feel free to shoot me an email at or call me on my cell number posted at the top of this website.

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