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The Greatest Showman on Earth wrote a book in 1880 -- and here it is!


World renowned entertainer P.T. Barnum shares his 19th century insight and wisdom about how to get money... and how to keep it.


Check out this immortal classic here as an eBook, or get the printed version which is also available on this site. This 56 page classic will show you just how much things have changed, and really how much they have not changed in the 130 years since its original publication.

P.T. Barnum - The Art of Money Getting - eBook

  • P. T. Barnum was known as #thegreatestshowman Loved and respected by millions, this world class entertainer penned the insightful book, "The Art of Money Getting." If you are an entreprenerial minded person or small business owner, this book will help anyone get the EPIPHANY moment they have been waiting for. Get the 19th Century Secrets that led #ptbarnum to his fame and fortune. Discover how this world class performer got money..... and more importantly... KEPT it. Hurry and order today! This eBook is only available for a short time. 


    Want this on paperback and eBook? Go Here:

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