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Coming home late from an investigation one night in Arcadia Florida, J.P. was unexpectedly hit head on by a drunk driver. Swerving off the road, and rolling over several times, J.P. found himself injured, dazed and confused, hanging upside down with stuck seat belt. With a strong smell of gasoline in his nostrils and smoke coming from under the hood, he struggled violently to get out of his seat belt. He was not able to reach his knife, gun, or his orange safety hammer in the glove compartment. He was scared, helpless and alone. As the car caught fire, his panic increased and intense fear filled his entire body. He was seconds away from the end of his life, and there was NOTHING he could do to stop it. He didn't have an EXIT STRATEGY, and now he would suffer the consequences for it...

Get your eBook and find how J.P. Morgan survived this horrific accident, as well as some great tips and tricks on how you can prevent this from happening to you. Don't be a bad statistic and have a plan!

A Safety & Survival Guide for Auto Owners Vol 1 Distracted Driving eBook

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