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Here is what my course includes - 

to help you build your own website.

  • Dashboard Overview - Blog and WIX Tools

Overview of the tabs in the dashboard area. Email, Contacts, WIX Ascend, etc
The Blog and how to use it
WIX Stores, setting up categories, new product
WIX Stores, adding new pages to the website and displaying the proper product
WIX Stores Video Marketing Feature

WIX Music, Art, Forms, and all other tools available built into your WIX account.


  • WIX Editor Part 1

Brief Overview - Header Bar, Tools, Save Publish, Grid-lines and Page Drop Down Menu
Changing Text Color, Size, Font, etc
Changing Images/Videos already in place
Moving elements up and down the page
What is a Strip and why should we use them?
Handlebars and How to move more than one element at once
Managing Pages
Duplicating Pages
Hiding/Showing Pages


  • WIX Editor Part 2

Adding New Elements to the Website or Web page
Managing elements such as menu, picture frames, map and App Plug-Ins

Follow up on Wix Editor Part 1, Answer questions, etc.


  • Email Marketing and Automation

Follow up on Editor part 2, questions, etc.

Contact List
Set Subscribers for Blog
Inbox integration to your email/contact on website
Creating automated email responses and triggers


  • Mobile Optimization

Follow up on Editor part 2, and email automation- questions, etc

Using the mobile editor
Switching between mobile and desktop
Why mobile optimization is last


  • SEO, Google, and Social Media Integration

Follow up on editor and mobile optimization, make final changes to new website, questions, etc

Learn how to manage your SEO within the website
Integrate Google to your website
SEO/Google Wizard
Keywords and descriptions
How to integrate social media sites to your marketing strategy
Social sharing icon in SEO area


  • Set up a Pay Per Click Ad (Google and Microsoft AdWords)

    Review site, final changes/ Q&A
    Set up either a Google Ad, or Microsoft Ad. Student can also forego this lesson for more instruction on one of the above categories.


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