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How Do I ? Make a Blog Post, and Then Share to Social Media?

Creating a blog post in your Wix website is quick and easy. Once you have it created and published, it is also very easy to share it to all your favorite social media platforms.

First, start by going to and signing into your account. When you land on the "My Sites" area, choose the site you wish to work on. Some accounts may only have one website, others like mine have countless...

Now that you have opened up the site, you should see a dark blue area/menu along the left side of your screen. Find Blog, click it, and then you will see a new choice of Posts and Categories. If you are on the Posts area ( like you should be ) You will see your previous blog posts, and/or an option to "Create New Post."

Once that is open, you have the meat and potatoes of your work here. This is where you put your body of text, images and videos. When you click into the next area, you might see a little + symbol with a circle around it. Click on that and you will see options to upload pictures, video and galleries. If you wish to put text there, just start typing, and/or copy and paste your content from your original source.

When you add images, click the image once and see the tool bar that pops up. You can make your image bigger or smaller as needed, and also text wrap right and left. Give it a try and see what works best for your post. Remember, blog posts with media (images and videos) perform better than just text based posts. You can put words under your image, and swap out your image from this pop up menu too.

Still not sure how to set it all up? Use this blog post as an example. Make sure after you put all your content in, you provide between 4 to 8 hash tags in a sentence structure, and a link to your main url or shop. (See Below)

After you finish creating your post, you have to hit publish. Before you do that, follow the three little dots next to publish, and make sure your categories, and post settings are all set up properly. You can also save as a draft to finish later. Coming back to the blog later, you will have to find your drafts instead of your published posts when first entering the blog area.

Now that your site is published live, go to your website address and follow your menu to your blog post. For instance, on my site, the blog is called "Tips and Tricks," what is yours called? Go there, and your most recent post should be first and foremost. Click on the post you are looking to share to social media, and then scroll down to the bottom.

Use the Hot Keys and Link Icon to Share Your Post
Use the Hot Keys and Link Icon to Share Your Post

Here you can use these hot keys to quickly share the blog post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There is also a link icon that you can click to get the url to share to other platforms like Pinterest, Google My Business, Reddit, and more.

Now you are all set. You have a new piece of content on your website, serving as organic SEO and valuable content to your niche readers. Your blog post is sent to all the subscribers on your website as an email update and the search engines like Google now have new fresh content to show potential new searchers.

Hopefully this process is easy to understand, please feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions to:

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