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How Do I ? Align My Text Left or Right on the Menu Bar?

As part of my "How Do I ?" series, one client recently asked about how align the text on the website's menu bar.

First, open up your #WIX #Editor and then click the menu at the top of your website one time. You will see a few bubbles pop up with some options. In between the Navigate bubble and the small paint brush is the layouts bubble. Click there one time, and bring up this menu which controls text alignment and more.

Here you will see you can align text to the right, left or center; create tabs that are all the same size, and display tabs from both directions. There are some other settings you can control below there.

Hopefully, this will help you when trying to figure out how to make your menu fill, or not fill an entire area.

#Marketing #Secrets for #Small #Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.


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