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5 Great Rules for Running Promotions

Once in a while, you may want to run a promotion on your website in order to attract new customers and to bring back old customers. You probably are very familiar with this, since many businesses do this. Most of the pizza chains, if you sign up for their mailing list, will email you special promotions that they do once in a while and you can use their example to promote your own deals. Here are five good rules to follow when you’re doing promotions.

1. Don’t do your promotions too frequently. If you’re doing a promotion every week then participating in a promotion or taking advantage of the offer loses its urgency. Make sure that when your promotion goes out that people know it’s a special thing and it’s not going to come around again for quite a while.

2. Design good artwork for your promotions and make it look really professional. If you to send out a text email or make a post about your promotion, it isn’t going to have nearly the impact that a well-designed banner will.

3. Don’t be your promotions to sell them either. If you only send out a promotion a couple times a year people are going to forget all about your company and they Artie would get a know who you are when your email arrives in their inbox. That could mean that they send you straight to spam – in fact it could mean that the email service sends your message to spam – once a month or so is a good time frame.

4. If you are doing a sales promotion, enlist other bloggers and offer them an affiliate commissions for anyone that they refer to your site. They will be doing all of the advertising work and you will just be paying them a percentage of sales that you wouldn’t have gotten at all if you hadn’t enlisted them.

5. Finally, don’t run the same promotion every month or every three weeks or however you run your promotion. Make sure that something brand-new every single time. If it is the same exact promotion that you had in the past, then dress it up completely and make it look brand-new. You may have to find some creative ways to do this because if you’re an e-commerce, you only have so many ways to say ‘come and save money.’

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