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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and answers to help you navigate how WebMark DesignZ can help you build your own website.

Q. Can I use WIX to Build My Own Website?

A. Yes. Using the WIX platform to build your own website is easy once you get the basic skills to navigate the WIX Editor and Content Management System. It has an easy to use drag and drop editor and is filled with hundreds of free templates. Also, WIX offers a whole suite of tools to help you better manage your business marketing efforts and customer relationship management.

Q. How Much Does a WIX Website Design Cost?

A. The cost can vary based on your needs. Small portfolio websites can cost as little as $500 while larger eCommerce websites can reach into the thousands and/or tens of thousands.  Most small businesses fall within the $750 to $3,000 range.

Q. Do You Offer Any WIX Website Design Tips?

A. Yes. You can follow my blog "Tips and Tricks," and you will never miss an update. Also, you can submit a random question via my contact form, and I will create a blog post to help answer your questions with step by step instructions. I believe in empowerment through education, and I am here for your ongoing support.

Q. How Do I Change My Website Design in WIX?

A. Changing your website design in WIX is easy. You can use the drag and drop editor to move elements around, resize, change text, fonts, pictures and more. I recommend keeping the overall layout of your template and just substituting out your content. These "always stunning" WIX templates are created by professionals with great consideration to things like color, psychology, eye tracking and other important factors.

Q. Do You Work On WordPress Websites?

A. NO. WordPress has been a platform used by millions for a very long time. The problem however is that the platform is the number one most hacked platform in the world. Also, using a WordPress website can be difficult to learn, very limiting if you don't know html code, and to top it off, it is not a company, but an organization of "web developers" all over the world. While most are good people, this is where hackers perform most of their magic. With a WIX website, you can be assured that the company is dedicated to your security, and can say they have never been breached, not even by the "White Hat Hackers." 

Q. Do You Work on Other Platforms Like Weebly, GoDaddy, Square Space, or Shopify?

A. No. After 11+ years in the industry, thousands of hours of working on all the different platforms and doing my Master's Thesis on the WIX Content Management System and Editor, I am 100% convinced this platform is the best tool for small business owners who want to manage their own web presence easily and efficiently.

Q. Do You Offer a Veterans Discount?

A. Yes to both active and former military. Please call me directly for details.

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